Welcome to FuRiouSCraft!

FuRiouSOne a posted May 13, 12
Survival PVE Server:
Server IP = play.furiouscraft.com
Hardcore Prison Server:
Server IP = pvp.furiouscraft.com
FuRiouSCraft is a Multi Minecraft Bukkit based servers running many carefully chosen plugins to make your Minecraft gaming experience the best possible. Offering 2 servers. Survival NON PvP and a Prison hardcore PvP server!
Here at FuRiouSCraft we offer multiple minecraft game servers for your choosing. Enjoy a non PvP environment? Join our Survival server. Enjoy a hardcore PvP gank fest? Join our Prison server! 
Survival server offers anti grief, free land protection using factions and a great clean environment for you to chilax and build in. So what are you waiting for? Come bring your creative minds to the server today and join the growing community along with the ultimate gaming experience. 
Prison server offers an auto ranking system using in game currency, start working in the cell block mines to earn money working your way towards freedom! Once free you are free to roam the outer prison walls or re-enter the prison for extended pvp action! use factions to create gangs and even faction bases out in the free world!
Rules: Survival Server
  1. No x-ray, flying, speedhacking, exploiting or likewise hacks.
  2. No begging in general (money, ranks, items, etc).
  3. Behave respectfully towards others and in chat (cursing and name calling).
  4. Do not break any blocks placed by others (Griefing)
  5. Do not modify blocks or harm animals on others property.
  6. You are free to build in the wild, away from other builds.
  7. You may only build in a town with permission from the founder.
  8. No Poison annoyance (throwing posions on others outside of pvp areas.
  9. No spamming or excessive CAPs in chat.
  10. No Advertising other servers in chat.
Rules: Prison Server (Punishable by Warden)
  1. NO Hacking Period!
  2. NO x-ray, flying, speedhacking, exploiting or likewise hacks.
  3. NO begging Admins for items, ranks, etc.
  4. NO chat spamming/flooding.
  5. NO Advertising other servers in chat.
  6. Cursing in chat IS allowed, try not to be so Vulgar please.
Rules: Prisoners (Punishable by On duty Guards) First offence = 3 min jail, 5min thereafter.
  1. No weapons of any kind within the prison
  2. No mine traps
  3. No fighting
  4. No buckets
  5. No spawn or cell camping
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crep_killer11 could you please update to 1.10.2