Fashion has been an Identity:

Every Men and Women loves to dress up in the best way to make them unique in their own way. Fashion changes generations to generations. Such a way men started to develop their style, fashion statements. Men have got lot of changes in their costumes. Their costume differs according to their place and occasion. Special occasions wear, office wear, casual wear, etc likewise the costumes are differentiated and categorized.  Style is the one common thing for all of these. Hats, coat etc are updated and designed with new trend. Ties are one of the style statements which were brought foreign culture. Men use ties at their job location, professional meetings and even for special occasions. It has been style icon.  Ties and fashion are linked as ties are meant to be a fashion icon to all.

You have different types in ties which could be used according to the place and suit u wear. You have bow ties and long narrow ties. Long narrow ties are mostly used for professional occasions. It makes you neat and highly professional. It gives a clean and stylish look with stylish ties you choose. At the same time bow ties are used in special occasions like party or marriage functions. It is considered as a stylish accessory which gives you elegant look. It makes you unique and stylish in the way you differ from others. When a man wears a tie his appearance completely changes and he looks like a higher positioned professional. Choosing right tie for your costume is one main thing. An unmatched tie could ruin your whole look. Choosing the right color which goes along with your shirt is to be noted.

Every man and wants to be unique and they don’t want to be copied from others. But they need others to admire them on their way of dressing. A tie could easily change a man’s look which gives him a rich look. Usually rich people, foreigners and business people are considered to have a tie. Nowadays, it has been mandatory of wearing tie for offices and schools.

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