Money Lending in China

As it is known to all that China is a fast-growing country. The immense growth of every business or economy leads to needing for finance in a timely manner. Like other economies, China also has a lending system. Central and state banks are also established for performing their respective functions. But still, to meet the financial needs of business the owners have to run for the options that can provide immediate funding. To fulfill the emergency need of funds only money lenders can be the best option to rely on. Money lending facilities make the owners capable of handling business crises easily as they know there are great options available to meet the requirements in a timely manner.

What you need is to search for a moneylender good at money lending in chinatown to grab the opportunities on time. You can’t take a lot of time to resolve the money crisis as this will adversely affect the business operations. Not only for business purposes there are multiple reasons for which funds are needed. You just can not neglect the needs nor you can stay dependent on the sources which take time and need a large documentation process.

Here are a few online money lenders in China:

Suning Finance

Founded in 2015 in Nanjing, China. Provides an online platform where financial products can be availed. Sunning finance offers personal loans, purchase financing, business loans, etc. Other than these it also provides a wallet facility making online payments and money transfers and other functions easier.


Lufax is a peer-to-peer money lending platform, founded in the year 2011 and located in Shanghai, China. It offers personal loans and also connects borrowers with multiple lenders for fund transfers. After the completion of the credit assessment funds are provided to the borrowers. Insurance services are also rendered by it to the consumers.


Jeidaibai is located in Chaoyang, China, and was founded in the year 2014. It helps in facilitating a financial transaction between the borrowers and multiple investors. It provides funding to the borrowers only based on credit assessment and even provides personal loans at a reasonable interest rate.


WeLab was founded in 2013 and is located in Hong Kong, China. It is an online marketplace for various financial products. Machine learning, big data technologies, and unstructured data are used to deliver an effective risk management solution and customer experience. Offers a wide variety of loans to borrowers.

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